Bear walking

This bear has not caught his fish yet.


Bear fishing #7


Some improvements in the front paws dept.


Fleshing out new bears

This is what the bears are made of.

Bear fishing #4

The previous bear was an unexpected success, so I’m happy to continue the streak, working in more details.

Bear fishing #3

A bit less cartoonish.

Fish day in the bears’ den

Recently a bunch of avocado pits came into my possession. They are fun to carve, although quite miniature. As they dry, they usually split into two halves and often deform unevenly, get much harder and crumblier and may change colors. Learning to use the colors to my advantage.


My version of the three bears. The one in the middle is supposed to hold a fish.


Another bear triad with a fish.

Hah. Just heard about avocado hand.